MollyBet is the most advanced sports trading platform, designed exclusively for professional traders to give them the best odds and highest stakes across multiple bookmakers and exchanges.

MollyBet is a highly advanced execution platform that allows professional sports traders to place large orders at market-best prices across multiple bookmakers and exchanges with a single click or command.

The software aggregates real-time odds and places bets simultaneously across all major betting exchanges and Asian bookmakers; solving the problems associated with poor liquidity, price movements, and manual execution errors. Both pre-match and in-running betting is available and orders are typically placed and confirmed within seconds.

The MollyBet betting platform is easy to use, multi-channel interface showing real-time updated best odds, so that users can place aggregated orders at the highest liquidity in milliseconds. This solves any problems associated with poor liquidity, price movements, and manual execution errors.

Mollybet entered the market in 2008 and have quickly become one of the leaders in high liquidity sports betting software. They are a well-recognized brand amongst professional bettors and high staking clients looking for the best possible options to help them ‘beat the bookie’.

Mollybet accounts are free of charge for clients to use, but are subject to a minimum start-up amount. If interested, please get in touch with us via info@rebelbet.com for more details.

All bets are entered on the Mollybet agent broker software then automatically placed with the bookmaker selected, it will show the best odds for your desired amount, at that specific time.

If your stake amount is higher than the amount available at the selected best odds, the system will then take the next best odds. It will give you the average price so you won’t have to waste precious time logging into multiple accounts trying to get your stake on. This works for pre-game, in-running and early market bets.

A breakdown of recent bets is displayed in the bet bar (bottom of the page) or search for a full breakdown of your history using the tabs at the top of the page.

Unlike European bookmakers, if you continue to ‘beat the bookie’, you can be rest-assured that Mollybet accounts will NEVER be restricted or closed.

  1. What sports does Mollybet offer?

Football (including Half Time and Corner bets)
American Football
Ice Hockey
Rugby Union

  1. Is there a minimum deposit?
    Yes, we will require minimum EUR 500 or currency equivalent to open a Mollybet account for you.


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