Welcome to Cricket Betting Information and Tips by REBELBET: THE BETTING REVOLUTION!

Welcome to Cricket Betting Info by THE REBELBET, we aim is to give you all information, help, and tips required to make betting on cricket as easy as is possible, with help about bookmakers, currencies, and depositing methods, etc.

With Cricket now commanding massive worldwide through all media channels:  TV audiences, Online and Mobile cricket betting is also becoming huge and there are now dozens of bookmakers vying for our custom. Modern world’s cricket is no longer limited to standard game formats and betting options; online cricket betting has changed the way bookmakers and punters work now. With the innovation of cricket betting websites and mobile cricket betting apps, this extravagant wagering on one of most loved sports in the world is no longer restricted to hardcore punters, but can also be done by fans who watch the game from home.

Cricket betting online through all supported sportsbook sites means free bets, regular access to cricket betting odds and much more.

When the question is asked: “what is online cricket betting”, there are numerous answers with the description on formats and betting options but the simplest answer is – online cricket betting is the bet placed on a game of a bat and a ball, played among 22 players with 11 on each team. Punters or the fans who place the bet on this game have to guess which player will play the best, which team will play the best or if it would all go to a draw. This simple form of wagering, thanks to many bookmakers online, has now expanded to a variety of bet types ranging from bets on Toss, runs, batsman, bowler, team, 6s, 4s, duck and much more.







Recommend Bookmakers

We only recommend bookmakers that give cricket betting punters good value for money. Here is our list of recommended bookmakers:

For example, if your preference is Cricket Spread Betting, you will need a Spread Betting firm like to place your bet. If you are a trader, then 9Wickets has a betting exchange that is very popular with cricket traders from all around the world.

We support punters betting on cricket in Australia. While if you are in India, and looking to do some online betting on cricket (Indian Premier League – IPL, etc.), you will be pleased to know we have plenty of information on e-wallets, which is helpful if you are looking to open accounts with bookmakers, who don’t have Rupees as an accepted currency – which is pretty much all of the European based bookmakers.

Not everybody’s needs are suited by one bookmaker, which is why we have a variation of the best cricket betting sites to choose from.

Once you have selected your bookmaker to bet on cricket, you are ready to go.








Depositing To Bookmakers

Depending on what country you live in, depositing to bookmakers can vary from being very simple to be very complicated. If you live in the same country and use the same currency as the bookmaker, it is generally a fairly simple process.

For example, most of the bookmakers listed on here are UK based, and trade in Sterling and Euros. So if you live in the UK or Republic of Ireland, and certain parts of Europe, it’s a fairly straightforward process.

Bookmakers don’t always cater for differing currencies though. The best way around the currency problem is to use an e-wallet. Using an e-wallet allows you to deposit money in your own currency, and then automatically exchange it for the desired currency you require.

The main reliable companies that offer an e-wallet system are Skrill, Paypal, and Neteller.

So for example, if you live in Japan, and use the Japanese Yen, and you wish to deposit to a bookmakers that use Sterling in the UK, then you would simply deposit a number of Japanese Yen, into your e-wallet, and then that exchange that to UK Pounds Sterling within your e-wallet, and then deposit it into your UK bookmakers account.

Online Cricket Betting

Online cricket betting has been growing for years, and there are now loads of different bookmakers to choose from to bet on cricket with. They offer markets on just about everything, including top run scorers, most sixes, completed match, etc. You can also bet pre-match or in-running, or on Test matches, ODIs, T20s, almost anything.




Mobile Cricket Betting

Betting on cricket by mobile or tablet has just exploded over the past few years, and any bookmaker, not mobile enabled will be left behind. As a result, the bookmakers have all made their sites mobile friendly, with most offering you the chance to bet on their mobile website or to download their app and use that instead. The choice is yours, it is whatever your preference is.