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9Wickets Information and Introduction

Betfair is the largest online betting exchange in the world. Since its launch in 2000, the company has added a new dimension to online sports betting by letting players choose their own odds and influence the markets’ liquidity. What makes Betfair really stand out from other operators is the “lay” option which allows clients to bet against something to happen. Betfair has over four million registered users and more than 1,500,000 active customers. In 2011 the company moved its operations offshore from UK to Gibraltar and became regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner.

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9Wickets Review

Betfair handles more than seven million transactions every day, with 99.9% of them completed in under a second. To put this figure into perspective, all European stock exchanges combined process less trading operations. There is plenty of money to be made at Betfair once you know how it works. If you’ve never used a betting exchange before, the transition from a traditional bookmaker may seem a bit tricky, but what Befair offers is not a complicated concept at all. It’s just different, and as with everything new, it takes a bit of time to master. Once you understand that Betfair is just a marketplace where people bet on things to happen or not happen, everything falls into place. Here, you can back your favourite teams and players, just like with normal bookies, but you can also bet against an outcome. You can lay football teams, horses, or any other sporting event. But there is even more: Betfair odds are proven to be up to 20% better than at the regular bookmakers.

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At Betfair all wagers need to be matched before they are accepted. In other words, the bet must have a person willing to back the outcome (backer) and someone with an opposite view, willing to bet against it (layer). When both players have agreed on the same odds, the bet is matched.

Now let’s take a more in depth look at the lay bets. Betting against something not to happen seems much easier. For instance, you can lay Rafael Nadal to win Wimbledon, and all you need is him losing one of the 7 potential matches. However, if Nadal goes on and takes the trophy you will have to pay the backer his winnings.

Once you’ve learned the basics, hundreds of betting markets await you. Betfair offers a wide range of sports including the ever popular: Football (including Half Time and Corner bets), Tennis, Basketball, American Football, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Horse Racing, Rugby, Cricket, American sports, Australian rules and many more. For live betting enthusiasts, Betfair brings an unrivaled In-Play betting experience, with the exclusive “Cash Out” option. If the odds shift your way, you can collect a profit with a single click. Betfair hands you all the tools required to make the right decision, including professional insight from sports legends like Lee Dixon, Michael Vaughn and Will Greenwood, as well as sports statistics from OPTA, the world’s leading data company.

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